IULM University

Università IULM is the centre of excellence in Italy for training in Communication and New Media, Languages, Tourism, Arts and Design.

Knowledge, awareness and expertise: for more than 50 years Università IULM has been building its educational mission on these three cornerstones, integrating cultural preparation, soft skills and professional competence.

Why Università IULM?

  • Università IULM offers innovative training courses, a mix of theory and practice strictly connected to the real world and particularly focused on new job profiles in the fields of corporate communication, marketing, media, interpreting and translation, public relations, cultural events, tourism, arts and design.
  • Università IULM courses allow the acquisition of those soft skills that are highly requested in the labour market (teamwork, decision-making, communication).
  • Università IULM sets the Student as the core of its mission, taking care of aspects of university life such as the interaction between Student and Faculty, the connection with the real world and the support of collaborative learning and creative thinking. Students proved to value positively this approach, as Università IULM scored # 1 in Italy and # 4 in Europe on the specific area named Engagement (based on students’ satisfaction) and # 201+ in the overall table of “THE Europe Teaching Ranking 2019”. This is a significant starting point considered that it is the first time that Università IULM takes part in this international ranking.
  • Università IULM is one of the most active centres for research and higher education in the fields of communication, tourism and languages. The collections of Università IULM Library include more than 240,000 catalogued books, more than 1,300 periodicals and around 56,000 films, documentaries and language courses.
  • Università IULM is an inspiring place to study and research. To enrich their academic perspective, Università IULM provides students with Research Centres such as “Behaviour and Brain Lab” Research Centre, the Research Centre in Strategic Communication - CECOMS, Centre for Employee Relations & Communication – CERC, Euresis Center for Diagnosis, Intervention, DSA Research, “IULM AI LAB” and with cutting-edge laboratories including Journalism Lab, a Film/TV production room and sound stage, a multimedia laboratory dedicated to integrated multimedia audio-visual production and a simultaneous interpretation classroom. 
  • Università IULM allows students to experience “Made in Italy” lifestyle. Università IULM campus is located in Milan, one of the safest and most student-friendly cities in Europe and in the World, a vibrant and dynamic place where students can plan and build their future in a stimulating surrounding, with an insider’s view to craftsmanship, tradition and innovation, which are part of the “Made in Italy” business model.
  • Università IULM campus offers unsurpassed facilities for both learning and university life. Surrounded by a flowered garden, it is an attractive place to study as well as an important venue for concerts, exhibitions, conferences, cultural and artistic events thereby making the University a multipurpose cultural centre for the city of Milan.
  • Università IULM is promoting sustainable development facing the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): inclusive policies and social engagement, as well as the ten-year commitment to the development of services in support of disability and diversity contribute to rank Università IULM among the top 300 universities in the world in the Impact Rankings 2020 for the SDG no. 10 "Reducing inequalities".

Università IULM at a glance (facts and figures)

  • 1968 year of foundation
  • 5 undergraduate Degree Courses
  • 6 postgraduate 2-year Masters Degrees
  • 16 postgraduate 1-year Masters Degrees
  • 2 PhD’s programms
  • 6 Professional Training Courses
  • 11 Executive Education Courses
  • ranked #201-300 in THE Impact Rankings "Reducing inequalities" 2020
  • ranked #1 in Italy and #4 in Europe for engagement in THE Europe Teaching Ranking 2019
  • ranked #201+ in THE Europe Teaching Ranking 2019
  • 150 partner universities worldwide
  • 1400 partner companies in research and learning projects
  • 3 auditoriums
  • 4 food&beverage outlets
  • 50000 sqm campus
  • 240 beds


All ranked institutions have an overall score and 4 pillar scores. However for each pillar, only institutions ranked in the top 500 overall or the top 500 in this pillar have a publicly visible score