University Canada West


UCW is an innovative business and technology-oriented, teaching-focused institution in Canada, offering undergraduate and graduate degrees. The university is a dynamic and growing institution defined by its close connections to the business community and a commitment to outstanding student services.

We create the most innovating, dynamic and practical learning environment for students. Join us and you too could be a part of the world-class learning community we have developed by sharing our excellent education, professional practice and close connections within the business and technology community, thus transforming our students into leadership-ready graduates.

 At UCW, we place an emphasis on smaller classes to ensure each student gets the undivided attention that they deserve. Content can become dated quickly, that’s why we design our programs to meet the needs of the market, ensuring you receive the most up-to-date education possible. Due to the added bonus of our professors having industry experience, their teaching will be approached via case studies, including real stories about their time on the job. Our faculty is made up of passionate individuals who have a desire to improve the lives of students with the greatest of weapons – education.

Our flexible program delivery allows students to study online, on-campus or select a combination. With four terms per year, motivated students can complete their degrees faster than at many traditional universities.


Our programs:

Master of Business Administration

This ACBSP-accredited Master of Business Administration (MBA) program from UCW will prepare you for success on a global level. You will learn how to take challenging situations in your stride, apply pragmatic solutions to problems and ultimately drive the success of your organization through intelligent decision-making.

The MBA degree program has been refined to allow you to acquire more specific knowledge and skills in one of three areas by choosing their three elective clusters from one of the following subject areas: marketing, finance or leadership. Our MBA program also includes relevant digital components.

We collaborate with digital leaders such as Salesforce (Trailhead), Tableau and IBM to keep our students updated with upcoming technological trends.

Program Duration:

2 years with the possibility of faster completion for highly motivated students

Program Fee:

Fall (October), Winter (January), Spring (April), Summer (July), $23,400 (Canada & Canada PRs), $35,100 (International)


Associate of Arts

The Associate of Arts (AA) degree provides you with a broad foundation of knowledge. This 60-credit (20 course) program prepares you for additional post-secondary education or to enter the workforce. The AA degree is accepted for transfer into bachelor degree programs at University Canada West (UCW) and all British Columbia degree-granting institutions provided other admission requirements are met.

Graduates of the AA program will develop these skills:

  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Effective written and oral communications
  • Ability to work collaboratively
  • Application of theoretical understanding to practice
  • Research and evaluative skills
  • Mathematical and scientific reasoning
  • Analysis, synthesis and integration of knowledge
  • Advanced reading comprehension

Program Duration:

2 years with a possibility of faster completion for highly motivated students

Program Fee:

Fall (October), Winter (January), Spring (April), Summer (July), $13,920 (Canada & Canada PRs), $34,800 (International)


Bachelor of Commerce

The Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) will provide you with a broad foundation knowledge of contemporary business and its practices. Based in Vancouver, Canada, this ACBSP-accredited degree prepares you for a successful career in business or management, where you will contribute constructively to a global economy.

Graduates of the BCom program will:

  • Have a comprehensive understanding of contemporary business practices across all areas of business management
  • Know how to conduct business in a multicultural environment, spanning international borders and working cross-culturally
  • Have the ability to use interdisciplinary approaches to solve problems and create new business opportunities
  • Be able to use critical thinking to analyze and interpret information to make informed decisions 

Program Duration:

4 years with a possibility of faster completion for highly motivated students

Program Fee:

Fall (October), Winter (January), Spring (April), Summer (July), $27,840 (Canada & Canada PRs), $69,600 (International)


Bachelor of Arts in Business Communication

The Bachelor of Arts in Business Communication (BA) is an interdisciplinary program that will develop your knowledge of media, cultural studies and business alongside theoretical and practical skills. The communication methods learnt and media training students get throughout this course are relevant to careers in professional writing, journalism, public relations, communications and advertising.

Graduates of the BA program will be able to:

  • Learn to evaluate and integrate all types of business communication
  • Demonstrate research techniques and methodologies
  • Create ethically and legally sound content for a variety of markets
  • Integrate media and content to communicate persuasively to specific audiences
  • Apply communication methods to business problems and contexts

Program Duration:

4 years with a possibility of faster completion for highly motivated students

Program Fee:

Fall (October), Winter (January), Spring (April), Summer (July), $27,840 (Canada & Canada PRs), $69,600 (International)


Future career prospects:

According to the January 2020 data from the graduates that participated in the study:

  • 100% Graduate Employment within 6 Months 
  • 88% have secured employment within 3 months of graduation
  • 67% have secured employment within a month of graduation

Our alumni work for some of the world’s leading organizations such as:

  • Siemens 
  • Scotiabank 
  • EmpowerID 
  • Sigamlux 
  • Oakville Trading
  • Apple 
  • Telus 
  • SAP 
  • GPP 
  • Nestle 
  • SoftMoc 
  • The Marketing
  • Kangaroos 
  • Sanone 
  • Walt Disney World

Many of the world’s biggest companies have offices within walking distance of our downtown campus, providing you with unparalleled access to a network of prospective employers. 

What makes us different?

  • 100% employability for MBA graduates within 6 months
  • Business and technology-focused university with an emphasis on practical experience
  • Downtown location, state of the art new campus opening Fall 2020
  • ACBSP-accredited MBA and Bachelor of Commerce program.
  • Teaching-intensive institution with qualified, expert faculty with real industry experience
  • UCW’s learning environment is dynamic and practical. Class sizes are small to focus more on individual requirements.
  • You are given the opportunity to study in the heart of Vancouver’s vibrant business community.